This is our most popular program featuring a variety of birds, reptiles and mammals. Each animal is introduced by name, followed by its personal history and discussion of species, habitat, diet and other points of interest. These animals are ambassadors for their cousins in the wild.

Lessons about personal responsibility, commitment, love and respect, not only for the animals but for all mankind, are weaved into this program.

Some of the animals included in this program are “Eragon”, our eight foot Albino Boa, “Benjamin”, our endangered Binturong, “Gracie”, our crazy Coatimundi from South America, our Albino Bennett Wallaby, William and “Felix”, our Fennec Fox and “Koda” our very distinguished Ring Tail Lemur both from Africa.

The critical problems facing wildlife in the wild, no matter where they are located on our planet, and things students can do to help conserve our fragile home, planet earth are an integral part of this presentation.