Welcome to WOWEE!

World of Wildlife Educational Encounters

We are dedicated to creating a greater awareness of, and connection to, our natural world through live, exotic animal educational encounters and programs.  Providing education across New York State.

Some are retired animals and spend their day just hangin’ out while many act as animal ambassadors to teach children and others about them through our exciting animal programs.

Our mission is to connect children of all ages to the world of nature. Their exciting personal experience with our animal ambassadors will instill a sense of wonder, affection, and respect towards all inhabitants of our planet, regardless of species.This, in turn, will encourage people to take a greater responsibility for the earth as home to all of us and home to all these wonderful animals.

Through our exciting animal programs and our loveable barnyard buddies in our petting zoo, we take great pride in promoting important values. Our personal relationship with our animals helps us to reach the audience (whether young or old) and create an UNFORGETTABLE animal experience. We try to teach values of respect for an  animal as well as responsibility of pet care. We demonstrate the results of kindness and care through our relationship with our animals. Mini Ark promotes love and respect for ALL creatures.

We are dedicated to creating a greater awareness of and connection to our natural world through live animal educational programs and encounters.

Our animals come to us through many venues and each has a story to tell.