Our mission at WOWEE is to educate people about the world of nature.  Through educational programs with children and adults, we help connect them to animals and learn about their habitats and what is happening to them in the wild.  Often, when a person sees these animals in front of them, looks into their eyes, they can appreciate and respect them and understand the protection they need.


At WOWEE we are currently looking into expanding our programs and creating new opportunities.  For over 30 years we have educated individuals by attending school events, private parties, and county events.  We want to open a facility to allow people to come and enjoy the animals and allow us to reach out to more people on a more influential level.  With our facility we want to be able to work with local organizations, offer animal therapy to those in need, animal relation programs for veterans, and create learning camps for children.


Our goal is to build upon and expand our current facility to create an educational atmosphere and hands-on environment for people of all ages.  In order to help develop our dreams please consider donating any monetary amount.  No donation is too small.  If you would like to help our goals please click the donate button below.  If you wish please also sign up for a newsletters to learn about our progress and how things are coming along.



Our Donation Wish List

Bath Towels
New or Used Blankets
Bottle Brushes
Clorox or other Bleach Dish Soap
Fly Paper Strips
Garbage Bags – 30 Gallon or Larger
Glass Cleaner
Hand Sanitizer
Handi Wipes
Kitty Litter
Laundry Soap
Metal Scrapers
Paper Towels
Plastic or Rubber Gloves
Plastic Tie Wraps
Squirt Bottles

2 X 4s
Pressure Treated Plastic Play Gyms
Chain Link Fencing
Chain Link Panels
Mini Excavator
Mini Barns

anim (19)

FOOD FOR THE ANIMALS: Cracked Corn Straw Dry Dog Food(IAMS Mini Chunks or Diamond 21% Protein) Guinea Pig Food  Rabbit Food Hay (Timothy or Alfalfa) Dry Cat Food (IAMS Original) Sweet Feed