Through our exciting animal programs we take great pride in promoting important values. Our personal relationship with our animals helps us to reach the audience (whether young or old) and create an UNFORGETTABLE animal experience. We try to teach values of respect for an animal as well as responsibility of pet care. We demonstrate the results of kindness and care through our relationship with our animals.

We are dedicated to creating a greater awareness of and connection to our natural world through live animal educational programs and encounters. Our animals come to us through many venues and each has a story to tell.

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Ambassadors for Planet Earth

This is our most popular program featuring a variety of birds, reptiles and mammals. Each animal is introduced by name, followed by its personal history and discussion of species, habitat, diet and other points of interest. These animals are ambassadors for their cousins in the wild.

Lessons about personal responsibility, commitment, love and respect, not only for the animals but for all mankind, are weaved into this program.

Some of the animals included in this program are “Julius Squeezer”, our eight foot albino Burmese python, “Tora”, our endangered binturong, “Sherman”, our crazy Coatimundi from South America, and “Sahara”, our Fennec Fox and “Sawabu” our very distinguished Serval both from Africa.

The critical problems facing wildlife in the wild, no matter where they are located on our planet, and things students can do to help conserve our fragile home, planet earth are an integral part of this presentation.

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Animal Airline

In this program, we visit animals from around the world. We simulate the experience of flying on a jet plane from continent to continent and visiting the animals indigenous to that area. We will visit animals such as a fennec fox from Africa, a sugar glider from australia, a prairie dog from North America, a boa constricter from South America, a binturong from South East Asia, and many more.

We provide student interaction throughout this program, by providing a giant map of the world and challenging the students knowledge of the animal’s whereabouts.

This program is best suited for the younger grades and will stimulate the student’s imagination.

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Cute & Cuddly

This program consists of a collection of small furry critters that young children can relate to. It is primarily a “Show ‘n Tell” that will hopefully spark an interest in, as well as create a desire to learn more about these fun little creatures.

Depending on the size of the group, the children may be able to pet some of these adorable and lovable critters.

Some of the animals that may be included in this program are: Sugar Glider, Chinchillas, Silky Chickens, Texel Guinea Pigs, Miniature Pot Belly Piglets, Hedge Hogs, Ferrets, Birds, as well as a variety nof different types of Bunnies and more!


Howling at the Moon

This program gives general information about wolves, their habits, their habitats, and the critical role they play in our ecosystem. We attempt to dispel the myths and misconceptions centered around wolves. Wolves are highly loyal to their pack and care for each other, they enjoy playing and having fun, and hunt only as a necessity to survive. Occasionally we will team up with a Native American story teller who relates his experiences with wolves. Wolves occupy an important place in the circle of life.

As ambassadors for the wolf nation, “Nellie” & “Juno” are sure to engage your spirit and touch your heart when you hear their stories and see their individual personalities. Just wait to meet them! It is sure to be an unforgettable experience

Rainforest Alive

The rainforest has become a major concern worldwide. These areas act as the “Lungs” of the planet, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and providing more than half the world’s oxygen supply.

The inhabitants of the rainforest play an important role in our ecosystem. In this program we introduce several species found in various rainforests across the globe. Here you can encounter a bearcat from southeast asia, a Cotton Top Tamarin and Kinkajou from South America, a Coatamundi and an iguana from Central America and many more rainforest creatures.

Our message in this program includes information about what individuals can do to conserve and protect our rainforest and its inhabitants.

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This program is for the reptile enthusiast. We bring various animals representing different sections of the reptile world ,such as snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, arachnids, and amphibians.

The differences between reptiles and amphibians, crocodiles and alligators, turtles and tortoises, are given during the presentation of Scales and Tails. A discussion of how each animal is especially suited for its environment will be given and will answer many questions about the oldest creatures on earth.

This program includes Alligators, Iguanas, Scorpions, Tarantulas, Bearded Dragons, Monitors, Argentine Horned Frogs, Different species of Snakes, Tortoises, and Turtles.


Vanishing Species

We have a large variety of animals that are considered rare, threatened, or endangered species. Our animals act as ambassadors for their cousins in the wild, who’s habitat is being destroyed with every passing minute.

We talk about the reasons these animals are vanishing and what the students can do to help these defenseless animals. We remind our audience that the next step after endangered is EXTINCT. Extinction is FOREVER! We include our Alligator in this program as an example of an animal who was endangered and made a spectacular come back through actions taken by concerned humans on their behalf.

Some of the exotic animals included in this program are Binturong, Ringtail Lemur, Cotton Top Tamarin, Serval, Alligator, Mata Mata Turtle, Gopher Tortoise, and More.

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